Many of us have lived next to this forest for years but few of us have penetrated its walls of ivy and blackberries to see what’s inside.  Now we have the opportunity to REIMAGINE how this land fits into our community and how our community can support this forest in our midst.

Bike Works NRVThis is an exciting opportunity to RE-IMAGINE this space and how we can draw children and youth into the forest in relevant ways, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of environmental and community stewardship.   Instead of telling children the “right” way to enjoy nature, we are now opening ourselves up to imagining new ways for them to get engaged in protecting and nurturing our common legacy.  Instead of worrying that children and youth don’t spend enough time being active in the outdoors, we can provide an array of healthy activities in our own community.  Instead of driving to other areas of the city or suburbs to experience nature, we can now imagine walking through the woods as a regular part of our day.  Instead of fear of the illicit activities that have held this forest hostage for decades, we now imagine it as part of our home.  Instead of blaming city government for neglect of this space, we now imagine the local community coming together and embracing this opportunity.   Instead of a barrier, this forest is now bringing us together.

Reimagining this forest creates access to forested trails and the chance to engage with nature on a daily basis, in a variety of ways, and in company with diverse populations within our community.