Friends of Cheasty Greenspace Mt View Logo

Friends of Cheasty / Mountain View is a community-led volunteer organization in South Seattle dedicated to restoring urban greenspace, increasing community access to nature, and providing outdoor recreational opportunities in urban forests. Cheasty Greenspace is the largest contiguous forest in South Seattle and is located between three light rail stops (Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, and Columbia City).

Friends of Cheasty / Mountain View and community volunteers are restoring Cheasty Greenspace by removing garbage and invasive species, planting native trees and shrubs, and building pedestrian and mountain biking trails and features in the 33 acres of greenspace.

By helping with restoration and trail building in Cheasty Greenspace, we ensure its health and connection with the Rainier Valley and Beacon Hill neighborhoods for generations to come. We will create a sustainable urban forested trail system that provides local opportunities for urban children, youth, and families to engage in positive activities in nature.

This land is nestled between the recreational opportunities of Jefferson Park, Rainier Community Center, and Lake Washington. People from all over the city will benefit from the park and easily access it via light rail, bus, and bike. Friends of Cheasty / Mountain View is dedicated to ensuring the ecological integrity of this land, while making it safe for our neighborhood and an asset to our community. 

REI Anderson Award