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Life Span in a Forest

A neatly tied bundle of ivy root.

Cheasty Woods is a spirited place, and some of my favorite spirits here now are with the youth group from Interagency Academy that are exercising some of their gardening expertise to help bring balance and health to the ecosystem of this forest.

Ivy shoot emerging from buried wood.

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Marching forth.

Indian Plum emerges to gobble up that early spring sunshine.

Being in the forest for our March Fourth work party was a treat for the senses!  We had a large group of volunteers ready to put some stupendous sweat equity into this neighborhood forest.  They planted tender young plants and tucked them in with a … read more

Survival Rings

January 2017, A perfect (frozen) day to cut survival rings.

The world was frozen during our regular January work party in Cheasty- Mountainview, so we couldn’t plant new plants and it seemed silly to fight the frozen soil to dig out weeds.  But it proved a perfect opportunity to cut the last of the survival … read more

Garden Club

We’re usually having too much fun playing (I mean, working) in the forest to take many pictures, but here are some of our recent Garden Club participants getting to know the Cheasty woods.

Garden Club hideout

Discovery in the forest

It never fails to give me a thrill when someone comes running up with an … read more

Snow in the forest

We rarely see snow at Cheasty, but this year we’ve seen quite a bit.

Snowing at Cheasty

The plants don’t seem to mind.

A rare snow in the forest

A rare snowfall in Cheasty

But the supply of snowberries is getting low.

Early 2017, the last of the snowberries.

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Will You Be Mine: Cheasty Community Restoration Event


Saturday, February 4, 10 AM to 12 PM.  Join us for a restoration party and watch your children enjoy nature and participate in special activities.… read more

#OptOutside : Will you go out with us?

Will you go out with us?

#OptOutside for Cheasty and turn Black Friday into Green Friday! We are joining REI outside, far from the flourescent aisles, to plant trees in Cheasty Greenspace and then travel to Duthie Hill in Issaquah to ride mountain bikes together. 

WHAT:  #OptOutside 2016, build community, restore the woods, envision the future
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Candy Cane & Clementine Hunt: Saturday, December 3 @ 10 AM

candycaneclem_poster_2016It is time for our annual Candy Cane & Clementine Hunt! Bring your little ones (and a gathering bag) to Cheasty Greenspace at Mt. View for a woodland hunt for seasonal delights. For ages 5 and under.

WHAT: Candy Cane & Clementine Hunt
WHERE: Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View
WHEN:  Saturday, December 3 @ … read more

Third Annual Lantern Walk! Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016 @ 5 PM

Lantern Walk, Saturday, November 5 @ 5 PM, Seattle Community Farm in Rainier Vista

Come to the Third Annual Lantern Walk on Saturday, November 5, 2016.  

As days get shorter and nights grow longer, we gather and walk together carrying lanterns to celebrate the bright spirit of our community. Led by music, we will walk as a group through New Rainier Vista, cross S. Columbian Way, and walk … read more

Cheasty Project Update

Hi friends, Seattle Parks and Recreation recently updated the Cheasty Project Site. Have a read if you want to get an update on the project.

The Cheasty Mountain Bike and Pedestrian Trail Pilot Project will provide recreational opportunities for families and neighbors to access nature
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