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Pro-Cheasty commentary made July 22, 2014 before SPUN Committee.

The following are short clips from some of the pro-Cheasty commentary made at the Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee meeting on July 22, 2014.


Celeste Gilman, NRV HOA President:

Joel DeJong, GSP Forest Steward for Cheasty Greenspace:


Adrian Rasmussen:

Luke and Orion:

Melissa Jonas:


Susan Zeman:

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Three Cheasty Questions

Lately there have been three common questions posed to us about Cheasty Greenspace and our vision for the park:

  1. What outreach, work, and experience has Friends of Cheasty / Mt. View engaged in to reclaim Cheasty Greenspace, restore the natural habitat in Cheasty Greenspace, reimagine Cheasty Greenspace for a sustainable future, and reconnect Cheasty Greenspace
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Love Parks Day: August 15 Work Party!

We are proud that Cheasty Greenspace is being featured this year as part of Love Parks Day 2014!  Please come out and join us in restoring these woods.

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Powerful Community Work at Cheasty Greenspace

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) awarded a $30,000 restoration/stewardship grant to Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View in 2014 — and brought the Anderson Award winning REI employees from around the country to a stewardship event at Cheasty Greenspace.

Cheasty Greenspace: In the News

It has been a busy year for Cheasty Greenspace, with both restoration and transformation in the news.  The following is a list of recent news articles.  Note that not all of the news articles contain accurate information.

Spring/Summer 2014, Seattle Parks Foundation Connections Magazine

August 2014, Seattle Mag

July 27, 2014, Seattle Times

July 22, read more

Cheasty Greenspace: Pulling Ivy, Building Trails

Hundreds of volunteers have worked for years to clear invasive ivy and blackberry remove garbage, and build a trail system in the 10-acre Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View, located just south of Alaskan Way and west of Rainier Ave S. in Seattle’s Rainier Valley. Next up is the 33-acre section of the park, where a … read more

Related News: Mountain Biking Draws Young Riders

Trips for Kids Metro New York, is a nonprofit group that introduces mountain biking to underprivileged children to provide exercise, expose them to nature and teach life lessons about setting and achieving goals.

Process to Date

Concern has been expressed about the public process for the Cheasty Greenspace restoration, trails, and bike pilot project.  We, the Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountainview (FCGMV), are sensitive to these concerns.  As Cheasty’s neighbors and community volunteers, we are committed to the community decision-making process.  Throughout the seven years of our work in the … read more

Letter from Superintendent Williams

Dear Community Members,

Thank you for writing about the mountain bike trail pilot project in Cheasty Greenspace.

Before I outline the project’s history and next steps, let me emphasize that the project’s final design is not complete, and that we will ensure there are opportunities for community members to weigh in on the design.

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