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Are you going to ______ ?

New accusations and ideas keep coming out about this project.  It is amazing the rate of spin being applied to this project and the amount of negative intent applied to our actions.

For example, we have recently been asked “Are you going to drain the wetlands?”  No. No, we are not going to drain the read more

Fungus in the Forest


After the heavy rains of this last week, I spotted these tiny, snow-white, almost translucent, shiny mushrooms sprouting from a twig, just off the Hazelnut Loop in Cheasty Mountainview, very near the junction with the Alaska spur.

Here’s the underside:

IMG_0037read more

Seattle Parks Wants to Hear From You!

Seattle Parks and Recreation wants to hear from you about Seattle’s Natural Areas and Greenbelts. Please take the time to take this survey and let them know your thoughts! Tell Seattle Parks the name of your favorite Seattle Natural Area or Greenspace!

Online survey/blog is LIVE! Join the conversation! What do you value about Seattle’s Natural Areas and Greenbelts? We want to hear what’s important to you. You

read more

Responding to Alleged Cheasty Myths:

Lately emails have been circulating containing accusations about myths allegedly perpetuated by proponents of this project. Below we have addressed the myths contained in one of these emails: 

Myth #1:  “Mountain bikers say Cheasty is one giant weed patch.”

Response #1: The VMP was published in July 2003, more than a decade ago.  That is read more

Joyful Mysteries

Today I went for a walk in the forest with a small group of children and we found a number of mysteries to explore! The children noticed immediately that the gravel path was quite covered in loose pieces of moss, and they set right to work trying to figure out the source.

Hypothesis: The birds read more

PROJECT ADVISORY TEAM MEETING: January 29 @ 6PM, Jefferson Community Center

Spread the word, the next Project Advisory Team (PAT) meeting is this Thursday! The report from Environmental Science Associates (ESA) will be released by Parks and the PAT will discuss modifying the current plan in light of that report and its findings.

Come to speak or simply to show support or become informed. If you … read more

Natural Area/Greenbelt Summit on April 4

Greenbelt Mini Summit

What do you consider appropriate uses of Seattle’s greenbelts?

Seattle Parks and Recreation is hosting a mini summit on April 4 to discuss exactly that. In our experience with Cheasty Trails and Bike Park, it is equitable access to nature and recreation that increases authentic stewardship and restoration of our wooded parklands.  

Please save the … read more

January 1, 2015: Snow! (berries)

The woods were quiet as the sun fell on the first day of the new year, but the frozen ground crackled under our feet. Though we rarely see snow on Beacon Hill, there were still snowberries to be found in Cheasty Woods on this winter day.

These berries ripen late in the fall and stay … read more

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