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We need your voice this week to tell City Council that it is time to VOTE YES for Cheasty Trails and Bike Park!  Please come to this meeting and share your comments on our community’s project:

Thursday, September 17  @ 2:00 PM

Council Chamber, Second Floor, Seattle City Hall

600 4th Avenue, 98104

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm around the Cheasty Trails & Bike Park project, a project that single-handedly holds so much potential and opportunity for our SE Seattle community.  By providing the vision for access to nature, and responsible recreation in this particular space, it is becoming cared for and stewarded; it is a land long hoped for, and holds a meaningful key to a healthy, whole, thriving and flourishing urban neighborhood.

This project has been twice approved by the Seattle Parks Board of Commissioners, and is currently moving through the SEPA process.  We have a project manager and expect to begin actively fund raising later this fall!  Exciting news, isn’t it?  Truly, we can all feel joyful about the status of this long advocated vision!

However, there is one last BIG vote that is coming up this week.  THIS Thursday, September 17 at 2:00 pm, Seattle City Council will be voting to release the $100k Department of Neighborhoods Large Fund grant money we were awarded last summer.  Please join us at this meeting as they will be accepting public comment related to this agenda item! This is the most important public meeting yet for our vision of restored woodlands, natural recreation, and healthier neighborhoods.  Considering those opposed to making Cheasty accessible will be there making public comment against this project, it is all the more reason to attend and be positively present.  This will show Council once again that the majority supports an ethos that understands a conservation perspective that mutually supports restoration and recreation, and to make these opportunities equitable, especially in SE Seattle. 

Please share this meeting information with your constituents, and come to show City Council that we are ready to see new access to nature in the Rainier Valley!  It’s time for City Council to VOTE YES for Cheasty Trails and Bike Park.

Thursday, September 17 @ 2:00 PM

Council Chamber, Second Floor, Seattle City Hall

600 4th Avenue, 98104

We will have stickers and signs for supporters to visually communicate our strength.

See you there! 




More of the Story

The Cheasty Trails and Bike Park has a bold vision to create equitable access to nature and recreation in SE Seattle.  This vision is set in the context of Cheasty Greenspace, a particular parcel of open space right in the middle of one of Seattle’s densest and most diverse neighborhoods, and lies within Sound Transit’s LINK Light Rail corridor.  Currently overrun with invasive ivy and blackberry; illicit behaviors; and illegal garbage dumping, this land has the potential to transform our community and provide hyper-local options for a broad range of nature-based recreation.  By reclaiming, restoring, and re-imagining this land, we facilitate a reconnection with nature, our community, and ourselves. 

We love Cheasty Greenspace!  And we believe that love changes things for the better.  There is a fundamental difference between our belief that public lands should enhance our ability to thrive in the city, and the alternative argument that we should be kept out of them.  Humans are part of nature and access to nature is a human right.  Important land-use decisions, instigated by our important transformation, are being made right now, and will dictate how citizens of Seattle will be allowed to interact with urban nature into the future.  Seattle media has been very interested in this story and you can read more about Cheasty through various lenses here:

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Post and Tweet! 

Please tell your friends about the Cheasty Trails project through social media.  Facebook and Twitter have both been powerful tools to get people aware and excited about this project.  So, follow us on Facebook at when you tweet about this awesome project.  

Digital Assets to download and use to promote the project


Shows many reasons why mt. bike trails make sense for Cheasty and the surrounding community.

Shows many reasons why mt. bike trails make sense for Cheasty and the surrounding community.

Download Why Bikes PDF

Our vision for Cheasty included the "4 Rs" that inform our efforts.

Our vision for Cheasty included the “4 Rs” that inform our efforts.










Download 4 Rs PDF