By foot or bike: 

Trails to enter the Southern section of the park (AKA Mountainview or Cheasty South) from the surrounding neighborhoods are at Columbian Way, just West of Mountainview; Mountainview, just South of Columbia Way; the street end of 29th Avenue; and the corner of 27th and Angeline.

Trails to enter the larger section of the park (AKA Cheasty Main) are in the design phase right now.  To influence the location of these trailheads, engage with the Project Advisory Team by attending one of their public meetings or emailing them at or send your suggestions to [] or the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation.  To help build the forest and the trails, come to one of our work parties on the third Saturday of every month: see here for the schedule

Unless otherwise noted, Work Parties at Cheasty Main usually start at the Meadow on Cheasty Blvd, just East of where this road intersects with Beacon Avenue.

Cheasty Arial.003

By Transit: 

Cheasty Greenspace is easy to access via public transportation from anywhere in Seattle.  The forest is located between three stations of Link Lightrail– Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, and Columbia City.  Many King County Metro Bus lines also pass near the park, including # 8, 36, 39, and 50.  Buses # 7, 9 and 60 also come within a few blocks of the park.

By car: 

Drivers to Cheasty Greenspace share parking with Jefferson Park, Community Center, and Golf Course along the West side of Beacon Avenue South between Spokane Street and Columbian Way.  Parking within the neighborhoods is both limited and in most cases regulated by the city.  If you must drive your car to the park, plan to park in the public lot.