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Three Generations of Cheasty

I already talked about the magical sense of history I get in Cheasty walking among the stumps of a centuries-old forest, but the most exciting part is the way this deep history roots me in the future.

The old Iroquois law about our debt to the seven generations before us, and our responsibility to the … read more

The Fourth Forest Dimension


Walking in Cheasty Greenspace not only makes me feel connected to the natural world and my place in this space, but it also keeps me connected to the passage of time on Earth.


I thrill every time I see one of these old growth stumps from the Firs and Cedars that owned this space for … read more

Indian Plum


The Indian Plum has been blooming in Cheasty!  The photo above was taken in early February, clearly showing the role of Indian Plum as one of our earliest harbingers of spring and an important early nectar source for hummingbirds, moths, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. 

Native from Southwest British Columbia all the way down to … read more

Fungus in the Forest


After the heavy rains of this last week, I spotted these tiny, snow-white, almost translucent, shiny mushrooms sprouting from a twig, just off the Hazelnut Loop in Cheasty Mountainview, very near the junction with the Alaska spur.

Here’s the underside:

IMG_0037read more

Joyful Mysteries

Today I went for a walk in the forest with a small group of children and we found a number of mysteries to explore! The children noticed immediately that the gravel path was quite covered in loose pieces of moss, and they set right to work trying to figure out the source.

Hypothesis: The birds read more

January 1, 2015: Snow! (berries)

The woods were quiet as the sun fell on the first day of the new year, but the frozen ground crackled under our feet. Though we rarely see snow on Beacon Hill, there were still snowberries to be found in Cheasty Woods on this winter day.

These berries ripen late in the fall and stay … read more

December 20, 2014. Cheasty Main.

Rainy day crew at Cheasty Main

Rainy day crew at Cheasty Main

About 15 Cheasty lovers came out to work through the drizzle today on our last work party in the woods for 2014. Working in the rain has its advantages: for one thing, there’s no point in attempting to stay clean. This is a great opportunity to embrace the mud! … read more

December 2, 2014. Cheasty Mountainview

Frozen water in the forest

Frozen water in the forest

I went to the woods today with a group of local children, some of whom have been visiting these woods for years while others have spent relatively little time in any forest. With the weather so cold we kept moving, walking almost all the trails. The kids were most interested … read more

November 11, 2014, Cheasty Main, near the Erratic Boulder

Brown Creeper, borrowed from the public domain.

Brown Creeper, borrowed from the public domain.

Planting Swordferns along the restoration trail running South of the Yard today, I looked up to see a tiny brown bird, a Brown Creeper, hopping it’s way up a nearby Big Leaf Maple, picking meticulously in the moss growing on the trunk in its characteristic hunt for insects. … read more

November 8, 2014, 10am, Cheasty Main

Cheasty 217

On this year’s Green Seattle Day in November, I got to facilitate volunteer work by 50 teens from the Boys and Girls Club. The windstorms the previous week had blown down several mature big leaf maple trees and as I walked through the forest to meet the teens I worried they wouldn’t be prepared for … read more

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