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Spring springing

In the Cheasty woods, new life is springing forth…

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IMG_2058For better or for worse, in America we rely on citizen engagement to do many of the crucial tasks that make our cities good places to be, and the Cheasty woods are no exception.  Without neighbhorhood volunteers coming out month after month planting native plants, building trail, and removing invasive species and generations of garbage, … read more

Learn, Do, Teach– You can do all three in the forest!

IMG_1987We are all familiar with the adage- “learn, do, teach” as an  imperative in our educational model.  One of my favorite things about working with kids in the forest, is that they DO the things we need them to know about their environment, bridging the experience gap many urban kids have in environmental education.  Our … read more

Every little bit…

IMG_1997It was a beautiful day in the forest, and a team of local Americorp volunteers was out pulling bindweed and other invasives from the Angeline Trailhead.  One of the best parts of being involved in this work is the opportunity to meet not only my neighbors, but also inspired volunteers from all over the country.  … read more

Art and Nature

IMG_1964This month has seen some of the final pieces settling into place in the Mountainview portion of the Cheasty woods, including the creation of a gateway staircase connecting these woods and the neighborhood above, with Columbia City and lightrail to the rest of Seattle.  Our April work party included a community event to paint decorative … read more

Trillium Spring

IMG_1902This week, the trillium are really starting to bloom along the Valley View Trail at Cheasty Mountainview.… read more

Wet Spring

IMG_1889Volunteers gathered at Cheasty Main for our regular 3rd Saturday work party and our last day of planting this spring.  By getting all our planting done in the spring time, we give our new baby plants a chance to get their roots settled into the ground before the warm dry summer sets in.

IMG_1887Today we … read more

Girl Scout Foresters

IMG_1912This weekend saw Team Lorax from Girl Scout Troop 43852 leading their own work party in the forest. IMG_1920 Team Lorax has been working with forest stewards at Cheasty and other urban woods to learn about the challenges and values offered by forest habitat right in our their neighborhood and how to take leadership in their … read more

Kids in the Woods


The Garden Club at Kimball Elementary School came out this week to get a feel for the forest.  Many were astonished (and delighted) to learn they could walk to the woods from school, and to discover new and exotic lifeforms like slugs and earthworms.  … read more

Spring in the forest

IMG_1855The Trillium are coming out in full bloom this spring!… read more