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Spotted at Cheasty

Spotted Towhees have been active this spring.  Look for these native sparrows scratching around on the ground for seeds, though they’ll take a break and find a safer perch when they see you coming.

These birds are ground-nesters, and will try to raise two broods in a season, so if you walk your dog in … read more

Bud of spring

Spring blooms

Even without the new growth, red-twig dogwood is stunning, but as the leaves emerge in spring, it’s even more amazing.… read more

Slugs and discoveries

Look what I found!

As a gardener, I have a healthy distaste for slugs, but I have to admire the magic they hold for children discovering them for the first time.

Have you made any discoveries in the Cheasty Woods that you’d like to share in the Naturalist Blog?  Email your stories to for … read more

Today in the forest:

Today in the forest:  a redtailed hawk being chased by crows.  Did you know that hawks are happy to raid the nests of other birds to pick up a tasty snack?  Crows will often harass the hawks at every opportunity to drive them out of their territory.  If you hear a lot of crows cawing … read more

Today in the forest: 

 Two robins, either mating or fighting, but I can’t tell which.  They kept chasing each other around, fluttering into each other.  Then stopping to rest and before starting again.… read more

Forest Work

Working in the forest is so gratifying, it’s almost funny that we call them “work parties.”  We had a big crowd this weekend and split into groups across the 10 acre Mountainview section of the forest, to plant, mulch, and clear more invasive weeds.  All summer long we’ll clear ivy and blackberry out of the … read more

Spring is in the air, and on the ground

Bumble bee exploring a new burst of Trillium in Cheasty Woods. March, 2017.

The birds of Cheasty have been busy announcing the arrival of spring, and the plants on the ground are just as eager to show their enthusiasm.

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Kids in the woods

Hands down, the best part of this work is being able to help the next generation of stewards make connections to their local woods.

Recently mowed blackberry field. March, 2017.

On hearing our destination last week, one young (returning) member exclaimed to his less experienced companions “that place is so awesome!  It has so many … read more

Life Span in a Forest

A neatly tied bundle of ivy root.

Cheasty Woods is a spirited place, and some of my favorite spirits here now are with the youth group from Interagency Academy that are exercising some of their gardening expertise to help bring balance and health to the ecosystem of this forest.

Ivy shoot emerging from buried wood.

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