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New this week!


The warm dry spring is bringing an early ripeness to our local woods.  The salal is blooming and the Oregon Grapes are setting their fruit.


The trillium is done with it’s spring bloom.  If you look closely below, you’ll see one of the ants that help nurture our rich trillium fields.

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Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker, borrowed from the public domain

Pileated Woodpecker, borrowed from the public domain

Last week I spotted another Pileated Woodpecker, this time in Cheasty Main.  Of course I couldn’t get a decent photo, so I borrowed the one above from the internet.  See if you can spot the one in my photo below.  They’re pretty spectacular birds- the largest of the … read more

Overflowing in Waterleaf


If Cheasty Greenspace had a theme, this week it would be waterleaf, which is overflowing all over Mountainview.  Watch for the dainty little purple flowers that are just beginning to emerge.

Pacific Waterleaf (with snowberry in background), just off the Hazelnut Loop.

Pacific Waterleaf (with snowberry in background), just off the Hazelnut Loop.

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“This is like hiking!”


This week I had the pleasure to accompany a group of students from the Kimball Garden Club to the larger section of Cheasty Main.  On the way we passed various work sites and saw many different plants, animals, insects, and different types of topography.  Upon arriving at our destination, the general feeling among the group … read more

Girl Scouts for the Earth!

IMG_2277Junior Girl Scout 43852 has been working with Forest Stewards from Cheasty and other greenspaces around Seattle, learning not only how to restore our native forests and improve local habitat, but also how to be leaders and mentors to others in this important work.IMG_2240IMG_2256IMG_2264IMG_2268

This week, they celebrated Earth Day by leading their own work … read more

Being our best selves

IMG_2192Students from the Interagency Academy were out in Cheasty this week, taking a break from their regular garden-to-market program work for some hands-on forest restoration in a native Cascadian habitat.

They came to Cheasty to help rebuild core strength in this struggling local forest, and to help make it the best forest it can be. … read more

Nature = Art

IMG_2232Today instead of bringing kids to the forest, we brought some forest to the kids.  Actually, since native forest flora is in somewhat short supply on the south end, we actually brought them mounds and mounds of non-native plants and natural materials, a pile of books about nature and art, and put them to work … read more

Exploring the forest


This week the Kimball Garden Club explored beyond our “home forest” at the top of the Hanford Steps by finding a spot recently worked in by their colleagues at John Muir Elementary.  About a hundred John Muir kids came out to Cheasty in waves last week to pull ivy, giving the kids at Kimball a … read more

SPU for the long haul

IMG_2078Those of us in the south end have much to be grateful for to the young scholars at Seattle Pacific University.  Since volunteers began organizing work parties at Cheasty Mountainview, almost ten years ago, SPU has been a true partner in this work.  As a group, these students have invested hundreds of hours in our … read more