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Trailing through the forest

Not every forest should have trails.  Some of our deepest wilderness is off-limits to human access.  Not only can we damage natural areas by introducing synthetic materials, sparking wildfires, causing erosion, and disrupting wildlife, we can also inadvertently introduce invasive species into our forests when we move around in them.

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Forest Fog

Like much of Seattle, Cheasty Greenspace has been in a fog this week.

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Even MORE Mushrooms

The variety of mushrooms in our local forests is certainly one of the miracles of our rainy climate.

The more I work in the forest, the more I am amazed at the variety of mushrooms grow there.

 I used to be so inspired that I thought some day I would set myself to study them … read more


Among the many gifts we get from the forest, the opportunity to discover is one of the most magical. 

Recently we’ve discovered some kind of eggs in the leaf-litter, a salamander near the trail, a paper wasp nest, and slime the color of butter. 

The ecosystem of a healthy forest is full of surprises for … read more

Green Seattle

This November, we celebrated Green Seattle Day with volunteers all over the city.  Because we manage such a wide area, we separated our local crew into three teams and worked in different areas of the greenspace.  

Team Tree planted more than 60 trees to fill in gaps in the southern section of the greenspace.  This … read more

More Mushrooms


There seems to be no end to the variety of amazing fungus in our local forest!  Many of them are tiny and take a good eye to hunt them out.

Others cover entire tree trunks, almost as crowded as the city around them.

They definitely like the rain.

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Stewardship Squad

The Stewardship Squad is one of many youth groups that have collaborated over the years to restore Cheasty Greenspace to ecological health and vitality.  Growing up in the city, many local kids don’t get too many opportunities to dig in real dirt or discover botanical properties on their own.

This group gets many opportunities to … read more

Sun and Snow

The early winter weather this year remind us of the miracles in our midst.

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There’s a lot going on in these woods!

Diversity is something we talk about a lot in south Seattle, and a healthy forest is built on a foundation of rich diversity.  Our local woods nurture plants that grow from seeds and spores and rhizomes and vines.  Plants are spread across the landscape by human hands, animal poop, squirrel manipulation, insect transport, wind, rain, … read more

Fungus Among Us

The diversity of life present in the Cheasty Woods is one of the miracles of modern life!  This week, one of our young naturalists found this lovely buttercup yellow slime mold clinging to a dead branch.

The more we looked, the more different kinds of fungus we found.

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