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Forest Rising

It’s neat to see how much life there still is in the forest in the deepest days of winter.  These shots from January show that the baby conifers don’t seem to mind at all.

Forest rising, January 2018

The Oregon Grape still has some fruit for the local wildlife.

Oregon grapes, still on the bush

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Red on Red

These small mushrooms seemed to sprout all at once on the old grandmother stump near a bend in the Hazelnut Loop Trail.    This old stump was an aged giant when Seattle was first logged by European settlers over a century ago, but she still stands as a sentinel, reminding us of the vibrant forests that … read more

New Life

In Cheasty Greenspace, and other urban forests around Seattle, the rainy season is the time when volunteers can make big differences in the life of our forests by planting new trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that will grow into the forests of the future.

We do this with the help and expertise of Green Seattle Partnership, … read more

Delicate Endurance

Regular readers of this blog know that I never cease to be amazed at the variety of fungus found in our local greenspace!

Some of these mushrooms are tiny, but full of intricate detail.

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On life

Like any healthy forest, Cheasty Greenspace is home to many forms of life.  This time of year seems to be a particularly good time for spiders.

It was quite a treat to watch this large earthworm negotiate the obstacle course of her forest home during a work party this month.  First, she stood up tall … read more

Trailing through the forest

Not every forest should have trails.  Some of our deepest wilderness is off-limits to human access.  Not only can we damage natural areas by introducing synthetic materials, sparking wildfires, causing erosion, and disrupting wildlife, we can also inadvertently introduce invasive species into our forests when we move around in them.

At Cheasty, we love trails, … read more

Forest Fog

Like much of Seattle, Cheasty Greenspace has been in a fog this week.

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Even MORE Mushrooms

The variety of mushrooms in our local forests is certainly one of the miracles of our rainy climate.

The more I work in the forest, the more I am amazed at the variety of mushrooms grow there.

 I used to be so inspired that I thought some day I would set myself to study them … read more


Among the many gifts we get from the forest, the opportunity to discover is one of the most magical. 

Recently we’ve discovered some kind of eggs in the leaf-litter, a salamander near the trail, a paper wasp nest, and slime the color of butter. 

The ecosystem of a healthy forest is full of surprises for … read more

Green Seattle

This November, we celebrated Green Seattle Day with volunteers all over the city.  Because we manage such a wide area, we separated our local crew into three teams and worked in different areas of the greenspace.  

Team Tree planted more than 60 trees to fill in gaps in the southern section of the greenspace.  This … read more