FCGMV was awarded the 2013 Denny Award for Conservation and Environmental Stewardship

FCGMV was awarded the 2013 Denny Award for Conservation and Environmental Stewardship


Steering Committee:

Our hands are often busy in the dirt leading work parties even as we continue with the great work of advocating for sustainable access to Cheasty Greenspace for recreation and community connections, which result in long-term stewardship and conservation of our wooded parklands.  We all are a part of this vision for various reasons.  Read on to find out why we each are involved in Cheasty Greenspace!


Amber Brunelle

Field Coordinator-Cheasty/Main, Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward

Amber: “I started volunteering because I wanted to enhance neighborhood safety.  Long ago, someone fenced off Cheasty Greenspace leaving it a haven for illicit activity and aggressive/invasive species.  As it turns out, the same thing that makes a park hospitable to the average south-end family also makes the park inhospitable for criminal activity.  

I continue to volunteer because of the immense satisfaction associated with making a difference.  I’ve also met the amazing community that turns out for restoration parties: community groups, kids, mountain bikers and naturalists.  All of these volunteers show up month after month, wet or dry, demonstrating what a community that works together can accomplish.  

Cheasty Greenspace is already a gathering place for good, get-your-hands-dirty fun and soon, it will be a place where we can have good, get-your-wheels-dirty fun.  That is why I will continue to volunteer.”


David Brunelle

Web Support, Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward


Joel DeJong

Cheasty Greenspace Trails & Bike Park Chair, Lead Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward for Cheasty Main


Mary DeJong

Co-Founder & Chair, Friends of Cheasty Greenspace/MtView; Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward

“I believe that wooded parklands like Cheasty Greenspace need to be considered as prime places for cultivating and curating community connections, as well as developing stewardship and conservation.  Exposure to and experience with nature connects us better to our own selves, our community, and the land itself.  This process of reclaiming and restoring this land has enhanced the networks within our neighborhood, and provided SE Seattle children and youth with a local place to get in the woods.  Cheasty Greenspace is not only making our community more vibrant and connected, but its providing a portal to greater interest and care for Washington’s wilderness resources, and the greater needs of our planet.”


Jim Denison

Columbia City Neighborhood Liaison, Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward


“I signed on to build mountain bike trails that I wouldn’t have to drive to. I stayed on because of the rewarding experiences I’ve had with all the volunteers that have showed up to work. The desire to give the kids of Rainier Valley a chance to experience mountainbiking  is the other major reason  that keeps me involved.”

Paul Fairbairn

Paul Fairbairn

Technical Assistant & NRV Neighborhood Liaison, Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward

Jay Gairson

Jay Gairson

Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward

“I grew up in the woods, with immediate access to nature. However, in my neighborhood, my neighbors, my clients, and their children lack that access. I see, in very real terms, how that impacts their daily lives: from their health to their thoughts on nature. I became involved with Cheasty Greenspace in order to give them access to nature and to tear down the fences that currently separate them from it.”

TomHeadshotAboutPage Tom Linde

Beacon Hill Neighborhood Liaison

 “We raised our children next to the Cheasty Forest, yet rarely set foot in the inaccessable, vine-choked space.  Now, the bike and pedestrian plan is the perfect way to bring all groups together in the interest of wholesome recreation in a beautiful ecosystem.  Here is a way to bring vitality to the forest, which will bring vitality to our communities.”


Martin Niset

Treasurer, Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward


Andrea Ostrovsky  

Co-Founder & Field Coordinator-Cheasty/MtView, Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward


Bill Trinen

Lockmore Neighborhood Liaison

Susan Zeman

Community Connections Chair, Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward