Diversity is something we talk about a lot in south Seattle, and a healthy forest is built on a foundation of rich diversity.  Our local woods nurture plants that grow from seeds and spores and rhizomes and vines.  Plants are spread across the landscape by human hands, animal poop, squirrel manipulation, insect transport, wind, rain, and their own sticky strategies.

They grow in dry dirt, wet marsh, in mud, woodchips, on downed timber, and on top of each other.  They reach up from below and hang down from above, stand sturdy and straight, bend in the breeze, and creep along the ground.

They’re plants and moss, fungi and lichen, animals and insects and invertebrates as innovative as any imagination.  They go strong through the winters, flee to warmer climes, or die back and spring forth anew with the warming spring.


 In Cheasty, multiculturalism is the standard of life.  Just like the thriving community around it.