This November, we celebrated Green Seattle Day with volunteers all over the city.  Because we manage such a wide area, we separated our local crew into three teams and worked in different areas of the greenspace.  

Team Tree planted more than 60 trees to fill in gaps in the southern section of the greenspace.  This section is one of the most mature, as volunteers have been restoring it for over a decade.  A local architecture firm made up the bulk of this Green Seattle Day team, inspired by their commitment to plant enough trees to offset their office’s carbon footprint.

Team Blackberry got down and dirty in a section we’ve (temporarily) dubbed the Blackberry Bowl, where a massive thicket of thorns has been hiding a remarkable understory of struggling native plants.  These native plants will survive!  Thanks to this team of volunteers that pulled off their heavy blanket of brambles and planted more compatriots to fill in the newly cleared gaps.

Soon we’ll rename this area the Snowberry Bowl!

The General Restoration Team did a little bit of everything in an area we’ve been working in for the last several years.  This area, too, used to be a dense blackberry thicket, but today is beginning to thrive thanks to years of TLC by local volunteers and a remarkable show of support on this special Green Seattle Day.



At the end of the day, volunteers came out of the forest dirty and tired, but satisfied!