If you’re outside tonight you’ve probably noticed that the winds are going at more than 20mph.  I can hear them now banging against my wall.  In Cheasty, where the majority of our canopy is composed of aging Bigleaf Maples, trees are assuredly coming down in these gusts, and tomorrow we will find new snags and downed timber for the critters to start devouring.  Since the massive removal of Seattle’s old growth forests more than a century ago, our forest organisms have had a shortage of downed wood to feed on, but it’s sad to see our aged giants coming down.  Volunteers in Cheasty and across the city have been racing to plant the forests of the future before too many more windstorms like tonight’s bring down the rest of our canopy.

Can you see the Pileated Woodpecker seen at Main in early May, 2016?