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Dear Supporters:

We deeply appreciate the tremendous energy and dedication in this community to work towards equitable nature access in Southeast Seattle.  Working together, we have made great progress in the restoration of Cheasty Greenspace, weathered years of public meetings, and kept the dream alive.  We grow with the strength of our shared vision for broad community access to local nature.  With your continuing support this project will come to fruition as we continue to restore this local forest. In addition to our community supporters, we want to directly thank our many organizational supporters including our fiscal sponsor and partner the Seattle Parks Foundation, BikeWorks, ReWA, The Mountaineers, REI, Washington Trails Association, and many more.

We just learned that the anticipated approval of the SEPA process has been delayed.  The surveys conducted were deemed insufficient due to freezing weather conditions when they were conducted.  These surveys need to be redone in order to guarantee there will be no significant impact to the wetlands and wildlife.  In order to address this need, we will be adding details to the project plan and updating the wetland survey. These steps will be taking place this year before construction can begin. We are certain that this additional analysis will fully address the SEPA requirements and ensure that this project will be successful.

We believe that opposition to this project falls on the wrong side of history, social justice, environmental values, and community.  While some of our neighbors are trying to restrict access to this public space for the benefit of a few, hundreds of Cheasty Trails volunteers continue to work together to expand it for the benefit of the many.  We will ultimately prevail because this project is the right thing to do, especially as our city grows.  Together we will be ready, with our sleeves rolled up, to make this vision a reality.

Thank you for your support and help.