On Monday, September 28, Seattle City Council approved a $100,000 grant for the Cheasty Greenspace Trails and Bike Park.  The Friends of Cheasty Greenspace Mt. View (FCGMV) thank City Council for accepting the results of the Department of Parks and Recreation’s thorough public design process and the Board of Park Commissioners second approval of the project.  FCGMV welcomes this grant as the first major step in its fund-raising process to restore and reclaim Cheasty Greenspace while engaging with the community to reimagine and reconnect the park for everyone.

Please help us match this grant by visiting our fiscal sponsor, The Seattle Parks Foundation.  The Seattle Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works with volunteers, donors, and community leaders to build and sustain a thriving, accessible, and connected system of public spaces for all people.

Friends of Cheasty Greenspace Mt. View is a community-led volunteer organization in SE Seattle dedicated to reclaiming, restoring, reimagining, and reconnecting Cheasty Greenspace, the largest contiguous forest in Seattle’s Rainier Valley.  With the help of the entire community, FCGMV is working to provide safe, equitable access to nature and responsible recreation.

Work parties are open to the public and are held the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month. 

Friends of Cheasty Greenspace/Mt. View's photo.

FCGMV Supporters at Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee Meeting