On Independence Day, VetBikes.org‘s Board Treasurer, Jesse Sycuro, wrote a letter of support for trails in Cheasty Greenspace.  The letter is reproduced below.


July 4th, 2015

Dear Seattle Councilmembers and Seattle Parks Board,

On behalf of VetBikes.org, I am writing to express our organization’s support for the restoration and enhancement of Cheasty Greenspace.  As an organization dedicated to providing Seattle, Denver, and other regional recovering veterans bicycles to facilitate their path to wellness, we see the multi-modal trail system in the Cheasty Greenspace as a great project for our community.

At VetBikes.org our goal is that no veteran is denied rehabilitation opportunity due to lack of resources; bicycles are our contribution to this effort.  We collect donated bike parks and bikes from local police precincts, competitive racers, and other recreational riders.  These parts and bikes are refurbished and built to suit the needs of the veteran’s community, be it to commute, rehabilitate, or compete.  Working closely with the VA Medical professionals and Department of Defense, the veterans we support are referred and we consistently hear how valuable biking is to the recovery efforts for veteran’s service connected issues.

VetBikes.org is pleased to support the Cheasty Greenspace trails plan, which incorporates walking and biking paths in close proximity to the Seattle VA Puget Sound Health Care facility.  Our hope is that the park improvements will further help provide veterans with additional opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and incorporate the trail system into their recovery efforts.

On a personal note I also want to thank the Council and Parks Board on the work you have done to date with the Cheasty Greenspace.  Having volunteered at the Love Parks Day last August at Cheasty, being a visitor to the park, and as the Chair of the City of Shoreline Parks Board, I commend you on the work you have done in this park.  The improvements are extremely valuable to the community and have revitalized this gem of a greenspace for our City.  And I look forward to the continued improvements and expansion of the trail system at the park.


Jesse Sycuro
Board Treasurer