The Washington Student Cycling League’s Executive Director Lisa Miller wrote a letter of support for Cheasty Greenspace on June 2, 2015.  The letter is reproduced below:


Washington Student Cycling League
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Seattle, WA 98122
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Empowering youth through mountain biking, one mile at a time

June 2, 2015

Seattle Park Board of Commissioners and Seattle City Council Members:

Washington Student Cycling League writes to express our support and commitment to the restoration and enhancement of Cheasty Greenspace.

As a non-profit youth organization, our mission is to promote youth development, confidence, leadership, health, and public stewardship through mountain biking. We do this by creating safe, accessible riding opportunities, skills development, fostering a sense of teamwork, stewardship and leadership, and encouraging healthy lifestyle habits through physical fitness and positive outdoor experiences. Mountain biking is a safe recreational activity that fosters physical fitness and social interaction while connecting riders, especially youth, to nature.

Last year, our student-riders reported that as a result of our program they not only gained physical fitness, but made better food choices, social choices, improved their grades, started biking to school, and they intend to continue to bike as adults. Furthermore, 64% of our parents reported that because of their child’s positive biking experiences they have taken up the sport so they can be active together as a family. In 2015 we had nearly 300 student-riders grades 6 through 12 participate in our program and only 13, less than 5%, resided in Seattle. The lack of Seattle youth participating in our program is largely due to the lack of direct access to trails.

We support the project at Cheasty Greenspace because it would provide inner-city youth direct access to biking trails and provide them a connection to nature and help to build the foundation for life-long fitness and stewardship through outdoor and volunteer opportunities.

We are grateful to the Seattle Park Board and Seattle City Council for moving forward with the comprehensive trails plan and we look forward to working alongside our community to develop and maintain this park.


Lisa Miller
Executive Director