Rainier Valley Greenways’ Outreach Coordinator Phyllis Porter wrote a letter of support (pdf) for Cheasty.  The following is the content of that letter.


GO Rainier Valley Greenways

April 29, 2015

To the Seattle Parks Board:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Rainier Valley Greenways to support the preservation and development of Cheasty Greenspace. Its’ commitment to restore urban greenspace, increase nature accessibility to communities and provide outdoor recreational opportunities in urban communities is appreciated by Rainier Valley Greenways as a community partner.

Rainier Valley Greenways supports a safe healthy Rainier Valley where children and adults can choose to safely walk, bike, take the bus or drive within our community and to adjoining neighborhoods. Extending the vision of Cheasty- children, parents, schools, neighborhoods and communities will partake in a healthier and greener environment in an urban area which collaboratively fits within our mission and values.

Cheasty Greenspace- an area for all… welcomes youth, families, students of all areas, cultures and backgrounds and will give opportunity to those not familiar or otherwise adapted to this environment introduction to adventure and wilderness in which they may not have the pleasure of otherwise. Their efforts to reclaim vitality and health, restore healthy and sustainable nature habitat, re-imagine the space and how to relatively bring children and youth to the area and, re-connect to the outdoors not only to some, but will benefit all. It also provides access to nature, pedestrian/commuter options, recreational pursuits, and one that all kids deserve- a friendly place in the neighborhood to have fun.

In conclusion, we fully support the efforts of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View as they seek external funding to support a program designed to restore urban greenspace, increase nature accessibility to communities, and provide an urban outdoor recreational opportunity for our youth. “Any programs that can help our youth engage in activities in a safe, healthy and environmental friendly atmosphere with family or community with consequences of benefitting our youth, neighbors, and the community at large, surely have our support.

We support the Park Board’s recommendation for a comprehensive trails plan for Cheasty Trails and Bike Park.


Phyllis Porter
Outreach Coordinator, Rainier Valley Greenways