Peak 7 Adventures‘ Development Manager Julia Horn recently wrote a letter of support (pdf) for the Cheasty Trails and Bike Park pilot project.  The letter is reproduced below.


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Seattle, WA  98118
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To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I was able to walk through the Cheasty Greenspace and learn of the wonderful work that is being done there to restore natural ecosystems and create an urban nature sanctuary for the youth and families of southeast Seattle.  Since 2011, Peak 7 Adventures has been running outdoor adventure programs for underserved youth in Seattle.  Over the last few years, we have developed leading edge wilderness programs that are designed to challenge youth to grow and connect them to the beauty of the outdoors.  

Youth who attended Peak 7 trips come away with a sense of peace and hope for their own potential because of what they have experienced in nature.  However, because our programming involves wilderness experiences like backpacking and whitewater rafting, many of the activities we do are inaccessible to youth within the boundaries of their own city.  Having access to nature becomes especially difficult for the underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities of southeast Seattle.

The benefits of time in nature for youth are endless and we believe that every child should have the right to safe, accessible nature in which to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Studies show that natural play increases cognitive abilities, creativity, motor skills, and coordination at a much higher rate than regular or indoor play settings.  Finally, most adults report that their first “spiritual or peaceful moment” occurred in their childhood in an outdoor setting close to home.

We believe a comprehensive trail plan for the Cheasty Trails and Bike Park would begin to alleviate the injustices of lack of green space for the residents of south Seattle. This space provides easily-accessed nature for the communities that our adventure trips serve and gives the urban youth we serve the opportunity to spend reaping the health benefits (both physical and psychological) of time in the outdoors.

Now, we look to the leadership of the City Council to further the vision of the Cheasty Greenspace and create a safe, natural place where our youth can play.  We offer our services in any way that we can assist you in this endeavor.


Julia Horn
Development Manager
Peak 7 Adventures