On May 18, 2015, evo’s CEO Bryce Phillips and General Manager of Giving Back Ashley Miller wrote the following letter of support (pdf):



122 Northwest 36th Street
Seattle, Washington 98107

May 18, 2015

Seattle City Councilmembers and Seattle Park Board,

On behalf of evo, I am writing to express our support and commitment to the restoration and enhancement of Cheasty Greenspace.

As an outdoor retailer, evo’s success relies on the ability of our customers to access safe, healthy outdoor spaces for recreation. As company we are committed to fostering human connection and igniting passions, and determined to leverage our success to improve our community. We support the project at Cheasty Greenspace because it is a forward-looking, community-led solution that embraces the creation and stewardship of a healthy, sustainable, ecologically diverse urban forest AND provides new opportunities for residents to access the urban forest with a safe, ecologically sensitive, inclusive, health-promoting physical trail system. This project provides an opportunity to engage the Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill and greater Seattle Community – including many youth – in outdoor and volunteer opportunities close-to-home that will connect them to the outdoors. We believe that providing young people access to these trails will support the development of skills and attitudes that will serve them, and our community, well into the future.

We encourage the Seattle City Council and Seattle Parks Board move forward with the comprehensive trails plan for Cheasty Trails and Bike Park and we look forward to working alongside our community to develop and maintain this park.


Bryce Phillips

Ashley Miller
General Manager, Giving Back