On April 8, 2015, The Mountaineers‘ Executive Director Martinique Grigg wrote a letter of support (pdf).  The contents of this letter are pasted below for convenience.


The Mountaineers
7700 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA  98115

April 8, 2015

To the Seattle Parks Board:

On behalf of The Mountaineers, I write to express our support for the preservation and development of Cheasty Greenspace. As community partner, we appreciate Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mount View (FCGMV)’s commitment to increase access to nature, to restore urban greenspace, and to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for urban communities.

Our mission at The Mountaineers – helping people explore, conserve, learn about and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest & beyond – calls us to be responsible stewards of our planet and to work for ecological justice for all, particularly those living on the margins in our society. We believe that the comprehensive trails plan for the Cheasty Trails and Bike Park is in concert with our institutional values and is truly making a positive difference in our community.

We appreciate the efforts to prioritize the use of green space for youth, making it welcoming for families from diverse backgrounds and cultures living in the area. In particular, we are excited about the plan to develop bike and hiking trails in the park with an emphasis on fun and safety. We believe that safe and accessible urban greenspaces are portals to Wilderness and adventures further afield, and are integral to creating the next generation of conservationists.

We support the Park Board’s recommendation for a comprehensive trails plan for Cheasty Trails and Bike Park, as [the Park Board states]:

it effectively balances two goals creating a healthy, sustainable, ecologically-diverse, wildlife-friendly urban forest and providing new opportunities to access the urban forest with a safe, ecologically sensitive, inclusive and maintainable physical trails plan for the forest


Martinique Grigg, Executive Director,
The Mountaineers