The Woods Club kids are pretending to a be a wolf pack and are howling to each other around the bend on the loop trail and I’m taking the opportunity to pull out a few random pieces of ivy when I hear a distinctive repetitive bird call swooping over my head. I look up just in time to see a Pileated Woodpecker land on a Maple trunk across the trail from me, peer around at the bark for a minute before swooping down to land briefly on a log sticking out of the ground just 10 feet away from me, and then swiftly take off again to explore one of the Maple trunks above the seating area at the Junction.

I was surprised at how large it was. As it flew low over my head I could see the mostly white underside of its lengthy wingspan, and while it searched the trunk across the trail from me I had a good opportunity to marvel at the distinctive shape of its head: long and pointed and obviously meant for business. The spiky red mohawk on the top its head, though, definitely showed a flare for fashion!