Cheasty 216Sitting on a bench at the Junction in Cheasty View, gazing off to the South/Southeast, mesmerized by the fall of the big leaf maple leaves coming down where the trees lean out over the road. Some of the leaves fall in a distinctive switch-back pattern, as though they were hiking down off a steep mountain, while some plummet down in a straight line, and others seem to spiral around a cord. Most fall in a more-or-less direct path, but tumbling over themselves the whole way in random swoops and twirls, making me think of a skier that just lost control on the way down a mountain. Gradually it comes into my perception that a flock of birds have arrived at a group of maples directly across the street. At first I don’t recognize their movements as separate from the wind-blown leaves but gradually I became away that the activity there is more constant, and doesn’t go all the way to the ground. I’m not close enough to get a good look at these little flyers, but my guess would be bushtits, as I often see flocks like this rolling through the tree cover grabbing all the insects they can find.